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What is TeleHealth?

Ortus4C is an artificial intelligence-based telehealth product that can digitize clinics and enable online examinations by establishing video and audio communication between doctors of medicine.

Need for Operation / Problem

· The need to provide remote health services and produce solutions, especially during the pandemic process.

· Increasing density and hygiene concerns in hospitals

· Patient requests who do not want to go to the hospital or examination again to get a second doctor’s opinion.

Operation Effect

· Safe and hygienic inspection
· Reaching a patient/customer audience that is normally hard to reach

· Increased patient/customer satisfaction with the convenience provided.
· 40 workforce and 60% cost advantage.

Smart Diagnosis

The entry of artificial intelligence into healthcare is helping doctors diagnose patients with much greater accuracy and efficiency


For prescribers and their patients, it offer the option to use e-prescription as alternative of paper prescription.

Medical Reminders

Take your daily medications on time and never miss a dose with your reminders.


During the video call, it detects the color change in the capillaries and performs the heart rate measurement.

IoT Device Integration

Enables monitoring of health data collected from smartwatches and devices.