Visual Claim Assessment
Inhouse Doctor/Patient Sessions

Empowers insurance companies with video-expertising competence which results in time-to-resolution of damage claims.

Video Chat Appointment Video Recording Bot Module

All The Tools You Need

IOT Device Integration

It enables observing of health data collected from smart watches and devices.


It detects color changes in capillaries during video calls and performs pulse measurement service.

Bot Module

It provides tracing patient records, automating the routine questions of doctors, follow-up processes, medication use and exercise reminders.


It provides an option for prescribers and their patients to use an electronic prescription as an alternative to paper prescriptions.

Video Call

A flexible solution purpose-built for healthcare.

Tele-health Module

Provides a platform that enables visual and audio online examination procedures, follow-up care and second opinion services.

Record Medical History

All your consultations, prescriptions and sick notes are saved in your personal medical history record for you to review anytime.

Medical Reminders

Take your daily medications on time and never miss a dose with our reminders.