ORTUS for Customer Service Desk

OrtusDesk is simple and effective customer service software to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Modular Design

OrtusDesk is designed with modular architecture and enriched functionalities

Easy Integration

OrtusDesk is easily integrated or even embedded into your business processes.

Secure & Customized

OrtusDesk offers secure and brandable customer service management.


Unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform.


Keep track of conversations to assure that every request is handled successfully.


Enable different parties work together to quickly and efficiently solve customer problems.


Customize your workflows, customer portal, agent roles and more to make the helpdesk truly yours.

Unify Support Channels

Streamline your multiple support channels so you can respond to all your customers from just one place

Respond Smart and Interactive

Empower your agents with intuitive and interactive communication capabilities to manage customer requests.