How to create a Chatbot Stream?

How to create a Chatbot Stream?

Chatbot design is best represented by a flowchart. It would be best to graph the different conversation streams your users are asking about. From greeting users to answering basic questions about your product, you can include your most common use cases and questions. The more streams you have, the more detailed your map will be.

1-At the start of the flow, user or chatbot must specify their wish. Flow direction change by specified wish and continue in that direction.

2-The bot or user sends text according to the specified request. Once the desired information is obtained, you can end the bot flow. If we did not get enough information, you can connect a live customer representative to the flow instead of a bot, depending on the flow you applied.

Things to Consider While Drawing the Flowchart

·Flow chart always start and end with figures that means beginning and ending.

·The figures are, if possible, drawn in a computer environment so that they are proportional to each other.

·Arrows directing the flow are always positioned in the middle of the figures.

·The variables used and the calculations made are indicated in the figures


·Managers constantly make the same reminders and waste unnecessary time.

·Results of workflows are not easily viewed.


·Chatbots supported with artificial intelligence, workflows management, reminding and reporting, can be done easily and quickly as digital assistant.

Pay Attention To These!

·The workflow managed by the chatbot must be compatible with the application.

·Chatbot must be given a personality.

·Chatbot must communicate with the user. The user should not see ChatBot as just an application.

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