How to Increase Customer Interaction?

How to Increase Customer Interaction?

Social media interaction

Measuring comments, likes and shares. That is, they are important signals that users send to you. Brands that succeed in increasing social media interaction reach more users. With the right media interactions, the products reach the targeted audience easily. Therefore, social media management is of great importance.

Types of Direct Marketing

Marketing by catalog; carried out by presenting catalogs to customers.

·Telemarketing; Marketing is done by communicating with customers over the phone.

·Online marketing; It is a marketing that aims to contact and interact with customers in electronic environment.

Integrate Content into FAQs

Creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is a great way to help your customers find relevant products. It’s also a great way to ensure customers’ chatbot experience runs as smoothly as possible.


Cost of keeping existing customer is cheaper than conquering new customer, so using a successful customer fidelity program is always better for brands.

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