Remote Video assistance service

Remote Video assistance service

It is a new generation communication platform that provides infrastructure solutions to remote video consultancy, assistance and support services for companies aiming at digitalization, and enables the automation and remote execution of business processes with live support, video calls, chatbot and social media integration modules.

Health Care

Thanks to the video call, you can make remote Patient / Doctor sessions.


Thanks to the video call, you can evaluate the visual demand remotely.

You can do wonders with video call in insurance industry. Banks and insurance companies can serve their incoming customers entirely with video call. Thanks to technological developments, they can get their policies with a wet signature and open an account for them.

Technical Service

You can explore remotely thanks to video calling.

Talk to your customer with a video call and immediately start investigating the problem and creating a solution in collaboration with your customer. Thus, reduce costs, increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.


Thanks to the video call, you can make remote auto gallery / real estate sales.

In the e-commerce sector, video calls help you meet online commerce face-to-face and give confidence to your customers, from product promotions to instant video calls. Your customers can see you face to face with video calls in e-commerce and get quick answers to their questions about the product they will buy.

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