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Session History

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Session History

“Session History” in the “Reports”section is the section that can be viewed by customer service representatives. You can find a lot of information, such as the type of connection of the operators, whether they have completed the calls, the Operator Registration number. With the blue filter button just above the table, you can filter operator history on the date you specify. when you click the Export To Excel button next to the filter button, you can export an existing table to an excel file. You can read the article below for more information?

As you can see in the screenshot above, you first display the operators. From this page, you can access a lot of information such as operator’s names, operator ids, and e-mail addresses.

As you scroll to the right, you can access a lot of information about your operators. Here you can view the channels and access types of your customers. Also the guest type is used quite often. In the guest type here, as you can see in the screenshot, your customer’s type appears. It shows whether customers are connecting from the system or from the pool when connecting to the operators. At the same time, the section next to it shows whether the negotiations have been completed or not. If the negotiations are not completed or left unfinished, customers wait for their turn in the pool. Negotiations with every customer are always completed.

The rating comments at the end of the meeting presented to your customers are also indicated here. For which operator you can view how customers make comments and also how much they score. so you can self-criticize by getting feedback from customers related to operators and have the opportunity to improve yourself even more!

At the same time, the date your operators made these calls and even the hour and minute they entered the system are always recorded in the system. As can be seen from the screenshots, the time that the operators are active in the system appears. In addition to all these, waiting times are also visible under the waiting time section.

The numbers in the lower right corner of the pages also indicate other pages. These are the continuation information of the operators. As the data is entered, the pages will increase, so it will be easy to access the old information.

That’s it!

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