Technical Service with Video Chat

Technical Service with Video Chat

Technical service

You can explore remotely thanks to video calling.

With video meeting, speak with your customers and analyze the issue immediately and with customers collaboration, begin to produce solution. So reduce costs by this way, increase productivity of collaborators and customer hapiness.

It is a very broad category of solutions that provides remote support services to customers who are experiencing malfunctions. By providing remote support with video calls, it can be done without the customer and the employee being in the same place, without waiting for the service to arrive. In this way, it is a very healthy service in a time like covid.

Need for Operation / Problem

  • At the time of the pandemic, the need of remote technical consultancy.
  • Preventing the technical service team from going to the houses for reconnaissance when it is not necessary
  • The necessity of catching up with the technological developments in the sector and not falling behind the competitors, even getting ahead.

Operation Effect

  • Provides a better user experience.
  • Provides 40% labor and 60% cost advantage.
  • Increases new customer acquisition to the page by 25%.
  • It provides an interface that each department can easily understand.

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