Why is Chatbot Popular?

Why is Chatbot Popular?

Although chatbots have started to attract attention in recent years, they have actually been present in our digital world for a while. In 1966 the first bot, Eliza, was launched. However, Eliza could only answer a few questions. But today’s chatbots make it healthy to be able to have multiple answers and talk to customers 24/7, thanks to the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

What features do chatbots provide us with?

  • 7/24 Accessibility
  • Chatbot increases the number of positive comments.
  • Increase Your Income

    ·Get more loyal customers that will help you increase your revenue by                providing a seamless experience.

  • Chatbot Provides 30% Savings to Companies

    ·Reduce your call center costs by returning automatic answers to frequently asked questions via Chatbot.

  • Customer Convenience
  • Usage for Customer Acquisition

    ·47% of customers are open-minded about shopping with a Chatbot. (HubSpot)

  • Provides Comprehensive Customer Support

     ·Lot of persons who make shopping on the internet needs help during their shopping. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to help customers needs during shopping.

  • Take Control of Conversations

    ·Companies that invest in chatbots have full control over communication with their customers.

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